The CDR Resource Center utilizes an advanced fully automated learning and testing solution to offer Standard and Extended Courses with multiple tests that simulate State of Florida Designated Representative examination. Our fully automated program simulates the extremely difficult State of Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) exam.

We provide numerous learning modules with printable learning materials to take you step by step through the entire State of Florida Drug Device and Cosmetic Wholesale Drug Distribution Regulations. Extensive course material is provided and students can learn and take the tests at their own pace. Each course consists of numerous modules. Modules are progressive learning tools, we call "module" training, with each containing: Icon keys with valuable information, tricky areas, workbook exercises and areas to stop and review.

Once the student has completed each module, they will be tested on the content of that module. At the end of the final module a timed test that simulates the State of Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) exam must be completed. If the student passes the exam with the required minimum time and score, a passing certificate of achievement for your Compliance Department can be printed.

A specialist at CDR Resource Center will monitor the progress as each student moves through the testing system, offering assistance as needed. The student has access via email to ask any questions they may have during their automated session.

We also provide focused learning on the Federal Drug Quality and Security Act as adopted by the State of Florida. Ask about our customized automated training. We can create testing modules for your Company to use on its own staff. For example, do you need to teach forklift operators, trace and trace software, etc., we can build your Company testing modules that can be accessed by your employees as needed. There is no limit to our ability to customize to your needs.

Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) Online Training and Testing

This course is designed to provide an effective online learning tool for the more experienced candidate for the Florida Certified Designated Representative Examination. The online student will be taught step-by-step the key points of every section of the laws and rules that could be tested on the State of Florida Certified Designated Representative examination.

Lesser experienced CDR candidates should consider a telephone consultation for a minimum of 4 hours (8 - 30 minute segments) prior to beginning the Standard On-line training course. A smart option would be to register for the course and print out the FREE materials that are included with the registration. Then enter the consultation registration area of the website and schedule multiple telephone consults to review the materials first, one on one, with one of our experts. Once you are oriented to the materials, begin your online progression through the testing process. You can always contact one of our experts via the contact us link during your active session.

The Standard Course materials include:

  • A free Guide to Florida Laws and Rules (reprint by permission only) - additional copies are available for purchase at the online store. (reprint by permission only)
  • Email access to a CDR Resource Center specialist during your live training session.
  • Downloadable sections of the course materials as you progress through the training.
  • One complete simulated timed State style exam including scoring results.
  • Offers to upgrade to Extended Advanced Course materials that includes two additional simulated State style exams.