CDR Training Consulting Services

CDR Resource Center specialists can provide your Company employees and your Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) with a Florida law update and provide guidance on your specific Company issues.

CDR Resource Center specialists can provide your Company employees and your Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) with a Florida law update and provide guidance on your specific Company issues.

Our most popular CDR Training Consults are:

Certified Designated Representative (CDR) Training Consults

CDR Resource Center offers the following Florida CDR Training Consults by the hour:

CDR Training - Florida Questions and Answers (Q&A) Consult

Bring our Consultant all your questions regarding Florida issues and they will provide all the answers. This consult is driven by the Student. Need help with a specific policy? Have an issue at work that you have a question about? Trying to set up your warehouse? Have a question on an application? Just took the Official CDR Test and missed by just a few questions? There are no limits. Just ask. We can help.

USD: $325.00 per hour

CDR Training - Florida ONLY law review consult

This Consult can be used to:

  • Obtain a high level intense review of the most important Florida laws and rules needed to pass the official FL CDR Exam. At least 3 hours are needed to allow this consultation to cover the KEY areas. Make sure and have all the laws and rules in front of you. The best place to get the laws and rules in in our store. Purchase the store Laws and Rules Guide and the CDR Team Member and you will be on the same page as the issues are reviewed.
  • Provide a Florida regulatory update for your current CDR or management level employees.

USD: $325.00 per hour

Customized – CDR Training Consults

In addition to our Florida CDR consulting services, CDR Resource Center provides customized drug regulation and distribution compliance services ONSITE. We can come to you!

Classroom Style Onsite CDR Training

Our specialists can come to your place of business and work with a group of employees in a classroom style setting. Students who have access to a laptop computer will be able to follow along with electronic modules taking testing segments as the instructor progresses through the course. Printed materials are also available. This style of learning is the most effective tool because students can ask questions and learn from each other as the course moves forward. Generally, a complete classroom course will take one to two days depending on the testing selection made by the company. In this setting our instructor can provide a true simulated testing environment. All tests will be reviewed, and all answered explained in detail.

Onsite Mock Inspection Services

We can send a regulatory specialist to your location to meet and train your staff and/or conduct a mock inspection of your facility and/or business records. Wouldn’t you like a former State inspector to evaluate your compliance. Your compliance is key to your success and the health and safety of our drug supply.

Custom Software for your Company Training Needs

Our automatic learning solution can be customized for any subject matter for which your employees need training. Examples include, Standard Operation Procedures, forklift training, general company New Employee training, etc. We can build your Company’s testing modules that can be accessed by your employees on the internet at their convenience 24/7. There is no limit to our ability to simply, easily and affordability customize to your training needs.

Our sophisticated web-based training system can be cost effectively customized to most corporate training needs. Your staff can study, train and test on their own schedule. Each staff member's progress is monitored by our advanced tracking system and progress is available through reports at the corporation's request. Once an employee completes their training, they will be able to print a completion certificate to present to the employer.

Our web-based training system allows for complete control. We can create a timed testing environment, true, false and multiple-choice question formats, % score requirements, statistical question placement analysis, maximum attempt requirements, reports of progress that will include number of attempts, lock outs for failure and various deterrents to "cheating."

The testing software used by CDR Resource Center will allow you to be in control as your own administrator in the system or the specialists at our Center can work with you to create and control your testing environment for you. You can put us in charge.

Do not lock yourself into a long term contract with an expensive educational software provider. We specialize in small to mid-sized companies that need to employ an outside vendor but cannot overspend on the resource. Let us be the extension of your training department.

Customized CDR Training Services

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