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Unique Shared Approach Reduces Costs

A unique shared approach that saves time and money. Not just another State licensing Company. We are a SUPPORT COMPANY. We provide access to a licensing program that allows Companies to create their own personalized portal to store and manage their own information and work at their own pace at a fraction of the cost.

Compliance Consulting

Have Questions? We will help you to be Compliant! Providing expert online and onsite consulting in the field of State Licensing Support.

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The “State Licensing Burden”

Does your pharmaceutical manufacturer/wholesaler/3PL properly manage your own state licensing portfolio? Do you have all the required drug manufacturing and distribution permits in place and are you compliant to avoid states-imposed fines?

Maybe you have contacted or worked with other State Licensing Companies and found them to be disorganized, hard to work with and most of all extremely expensive? CDR Resource Center, based on its 25+ years of experience in this industry, has developed a unique support program with a shared approach that will allow even the small and start up companies to afford our support services easing through the state licensing process with no long term contract commitments.

As you know, all U.S. states have drug regulations, as well as, manufacturing and wholesale distribution licensing requirements. Each state’s licensing forms, rules, submission, renewal and reporting processes are unique and significantly different. In addition, most states, not only, require companies that are shipping prescription medication into their state to possess a non-resident license, but also, many states require non-resident permits if your Company is only selling prescription medications into their State.

Constantly keeping state drug regulation, manufacturing and distribution licenses up to date and ensuring compliance is challenging, cumbersome and sometimes overwhelming. It is a costly burden that CDR Resource Center shares with our clients in a unique shared and cost-effective way. The state licensing experts at CDR Resource Center have the experience, technology and proven track record to meet all your state licensing requirements.

The state licensing support provided by CDR Resource Center can relieve your administrative burden by providing you access to your personal client portal in our unique and innovative SUPPORT SYSTEM. With our experience in obtaining and maintaining hundreds of licenses, we’re ready to serve and impress you.

State License Application and Maintenance Services

The online SUPPORT services of CDR Resource Center will provide Clients with:

  1. A unique comprehensive electronic onboarding questionnaire that will operate to drastically reduce the amount of communication required to process applications. This will save all parties time, money and business interruptions;
  2. Onboarding instructions that provide detailed information regarding items needed to successfully complete each State application;
  3. Submission letters provided simultaneously with completed applications with detailed instructions on how to assemble and submit your application;
  4. Cover letters, that can easily be placed on company letterhead, that can be submitted to the State with each application;
  5. If requested, CDRRC can work with the States as the application contact and follow up on any deficiency letters issued;
  6. Provide each client access to their Client support portal to upload all application documents and issued permits;
  7. Ongoing support and we will even remind you when it is time to renew your licenses, according to the unique requirements of each state.

Our State License Application and Maintenance SUPPORT Services are designed for:

  • Prescription Drug Manufacturers and Virtual Models
  • Wholesale Prescription Drug Distributors and Virtual or Broker models
  • Veterinary Drug Manufacturers
  • Wholesale Veterinary Drug Distributors
  • Third Party Logistics Providers
  • Non Resident Applications for all wholesale and manufacturer entities
  • Repackagers
  • OTC Drug manufacturers
  • 503 outsourcing facilities
  • State Controlled Substance permits (not DEA)
  • Etc., Register and log in to see all there is to offer.

Please note at this time we do not support retail pharmacy type licenses.

Our secure web-enabled State License Application and Maintenance SUPPORT Services are unique to the Industry and include:

  • 24/7 access to onboarding or license application data and documents for new and renewal licenses.
  • Fee for service, pay as you go with no quarterly fee, or huge onboarding fees *
  • No contractual commitments.
  • Access to your state license portfolio and tracking of the status of each application in process.
  • Managing your renewals with early reminders to ensure that you stay informed about license expiration dates.

We are confident that you will be very satisfied with our online State License Application and Maintenance SUPPORT Services. Click on the “Buy Now” button to see the state support we offer.

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* All the state application prices are quoted directly on the Online Portal. The price quoted does NOT include licensing fees charged by the individual states (differ by State from no charge to over $2000.00 per state), shipping fees, copy fees or new client onboarding renewal permit fees. First time customers are charged a new client onboarding renewal permit fee for each purchased state renewal application. For example, a new CDRRC customer purchases renewals for 4 state licenses. For the first renewal cycle, the new customer will pay the renewal fee, as quoted on the website, plus an additional small fee (will be assessed at check out) for each of the four state renewals purchased. This new client onboarding renewal fee structure allows customers to spread out their initial onboarding fee rather than pay a large “one-time” set up fee charged by many our competitors. Subsequent renewals will be available at the standard discounted renewal price. New permit applications (non-renewals) are not subject to the onboarding fee. CDR Resource Center is able to defer onboarding fees under their unique support services model by being a “support service,” and requiring first time customers. to fill out a customized targeted onboarding electronic questionnaire as well as requirements for customers to upload key documents requested by state applications. This onboarding process drastically reduces the communications required between the parties to get the application complete. This saves everyone time and money.

Additional State Regulatory Services

In addition to state permit applications, CDR Resource Center also assists manufactures and wholesale distributors with services that are tailored to the specific needs of the client and can include:

  • Processing permit changes including, changes of ownership, officers, address, CDR, license withdraws, etc.
  • Communication with State Agencies, on behalf of the Client, regarding permitting.
  • Ongoing regulatory review to assure compliance.
  • Working with clients to provide affiliate licensing support (vendors and customers).
  • Development of policies for state compliance, as required.
  • Providing monthly updates of all permits and permit status for Client review.
  • Assistance with other misc. required filings and documents such as State product registrations.
  • Assistance with other misc. required filings and documents such as State product registrations, Puerto Rico product registrations, etc.
  • FDA Company listing for Wholesale licensure.
  • And more.

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