A Florida license Certified Designated Representative, or CDR, is a person who is required by the State of Florida to be employed as a supervisor or a manager at a Florida wholesaler. A Florida licensed CDR has to take a State exam to become a CDR, and must be working full-time in a managerial position.

To become a CDR, you have to have worked in the industry in a Florida licensed wholesaler or a pharmacy in the United States for at least two years. In addition, you have to have supervisory experience. If you qualify, then you would apply to take the state exam with their official forms, do a background check, and once you are approved, you can then come and take the Florida CDR training courses.

CDR Resource Center has all the material that you need to study to take the official State of Florida exam. You can log onto our website and take a virtual course at your own pace, or if you would like classroom style training, you can purchase a Webex. A Webex is an eight hour live training course that provides you a pre test, a post test, and all the materials that you need to take the official state exam.

Yes, at CDR Resource Center, we've done our best to try and mimic the official Florida state exam. It's a 40-question test that is timed, you have 90 minutes to pass the test and you must get a 75% to pass. The questions are multiple choice and styled in the same way as the Florida official exam.

CDR Resource Center is the only Florida CDR training website that has been developed by a person who is a former Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation Inspector as well as a Florida licensed pharmacist and a Florida CDR.

Our online training course is a 15-module course, along with a 40-question final exam. You print the materials and you study at your own pace. If you would like a live trainer, we offer eight-hour WebEx courses. You schedule with a trainer and for eight hours, you learn the laws and the rules. You get a pre-test, a post-test, and all your study materials are mailed to you.

The classroom-style training is conducted as an online live Webex, so you would need to contact our trainers to schedule a time. You can contact them through email. Once you schedule a time, it is an eight-hour course. It can be conducted in two four-hour classes, preferably within the same week, or it can be done as one eight-hour class. The teacher will mail you your course materials, you would do the eight-hour class with them, and then they have a question and answer session at the end.

Yes. We offer group discounts for both our online virtual testing solution and for our live WebEx. We can offer up to 9 students at one time on our live WebEx. If you'd like to talk to us further about group discounts, please contact us by email.

Yes, the Florida CDR website is a fully customized training system. We can create a training system for any other needs, if you want to train employees on your SOPs, if you want to train your wholesalers on forklift management. Anything can be loaded into our system. It can be customized for you.

Yes. Our company can help you with business model development. It can help you with policies and procedures. It can help you with application assistance, in most areas required to become a Florida-licensed wholesaler.

Yes, CDR Resource Center can help you by offering consultations by the hour. You can log on to the CDR website and purchase anything within one-hour segments or more. We can also perform mock audits at your facility. We have frequently asked questions that we can answer for you.

Of course, just because your company does not require a designated representative does not mean it is not required to follow the State laws and rules. We can train your staff on all the nuances of the law for any entity that buys, sells, manufactures or possess drugs, devices or cosmetics.

Yes, we have many students that come to us after they fail the state exam more than once. If you fail the state exam you must wait 30 days. After 30 days you can take the state exam again. For the next 18 months. You have a total of 18 months from the date that you've been accepted by the State of Florida, to take the exam, to pass the exam. Within that period of time you can take our virtual classroom, or take our eight hour Webex and it will help you pass the state exam.

Unfortunately, working in the industry doesn't necessarily mean you're going to do well on the exam. The exam asks questions that you may not run into working in the industry. But it depends on you. If you'd like to study at your own pace and print the study materials, you can take the module tests. If you learn better in a classroom style, we recommend that you take the live WebEx.

Yes, all of our trainers are Florida licensed CDRs. Some of our trainers are also Florida licensed pharmacists and some of our trainers have three degrees, their Florida licensed CDRs, pharmacists, and Florida Bar attorneys.

The online prep course is a virtual classroom. You log onto our system, you print educational materials, you study materials, and you take module tests. There are 15 module tests. Each module consists of approximately eight to 10 questions. When you complete each module test, you progress through our virtual training course, and when you complete module 15 you take a 40-question practice exam that mimics the official Florida state exam.

Yes, all the materials that you need to pass the official State exam are provided in our online prep course. We have educational materials online that are printable. We have study materials that you can study online. Those study materials contained key points that are usually test questions on the Florida State exam. And we have dozens and dozens of test questions that you will practice with when you proceed through our Florida online testing system.

Once you've registered and you've paid, you can work at your own pace. There are no time limits. You will receive an e-mail from the system to remind you that you're a registered student and to continue testing, however you have unlimited time to complete your testing system.


Yes, our website offers two additional training sessions. You can log in and you can purchase consult time by the hour. In addition, at the end of your exam, you have 21 days to purchase a course special. That will allow you to take 15 additional modules and a full 40-question practice exam.

We encourage students to qualify to take their official state exam prior to taking our review course. So, complete your application, do your fingerprinting, send in your official state application. Once you've been accepted, then come to us to do your training. We'd like for you to take your official test only a few days after you've completed our training.

When taking the official state exam, you can bring nothing into the facility, so be prepared, study before you go, leave everything at home, and then good luck.

CDR Resource center collaborates with Skills Plus Inc. If you're on our website and you want to learn more about California Designated Representative Training and you click on the link, it's going to take you to the Skills Plus Site. We recommend them for California training.

Our two companies have made the decision to collaborate rather than to compete. This allows each of our companies to focus their efforts on what they do best. CDR Resource Center focuses on Florida, and Skills Plus mostly on California. If you go to their website for Florida, it sends you to us. If you go to our website for California, it will send you to them.

Our online store sells a Florida policy and procedure guide. This is a guide for startup wholesalers to help them draft the policies and procedures required to complete an application to be a Florida licensed wholesaler. In addition, we sell the Florida laws and rules guide. It's a bound manual of all the materials that you need, not only to pass the Florida exam, but what you need to keep onsite at your wholesaler for your state inspectors.

Unfortunately, CDR cannot guarantee that you will pass the State exam, however we will offer you one free Standard Course if you previously purchased a Standard or Extended Course. The free course must be taken within 3 months of the failed State exam. The student must contact the Center and present evidence of a non-passing score and they will be provided access for one free Standard Course (no additional course materials will be provided).

No, CDR Resource Center is not a law firm and our employees cannot provide legal services.