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Guide to Florida Laws and Rules

This Guide contains, in one neat bound book, all the laws and rules required for entities licensed under the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, Drug, Device and Cosmetics Program.  This Guide also acts as the copy of the Florida Drug and Cosmetic Act and 61N-1 of the FAC as required by FAC 61N-1.012(5).

The most current up to date Guide will be provided at the time of order.  Please note that it could take up to 2 weeks to fullfil each order as the Guides are updated regularly and not printed ahead of time.

USD: $ 35.00

Basic policies and procedures - WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR

The State of Florida has a list of the minumum policies and procedures it requires all wholesalers to submit with their application to apply for a wholesaler permit.  This Basic P&P manual contains 10 pages of policies that address each of the required areas.  The policy is written in Word format and is fully editable to customize for your business.  This manual is intended to be a guide for a start up wholesaler to draft their own custom policies and procedures. 

If your Company is looking for a more detailed policy and procedure document or assistance in meeting a specific policy or procedure demand by the State of Florida, please contact info@cdrresourcecenter.com and leave an email outlining your needs.  A representative will get back with you within 2 business days.  If your need is more urgent please contact the administrator at 954-257-9000.

USD: $ 300.00