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The CDR Resource Center utilizes an advanced fully automated learning and testing solution that offers Standard and Special Courses, online and printable learning materials, multiple learning modules and tests, as well as final exams. Our automatic learning solution can be created and customized for any subject matter for which your employees need training. Examples include, Standard Operation Procedures, forklift training, general company New Employee training, etc. We can build your Company’s testing modules that can be accessed by your employees on the internet at their convenience 24/7. There is no limit to our ability to customize to your needs.

At this time, we are offering training for:

FLORIDA - Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor Certified Designated Representative Candidates.

CALIFORNIA - Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor Designated Representatives.

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Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) Online Training and Testing

All Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributors (including virtual BROKER -ONLY), Companies that are seeking to do business in or with the State of Florida, are required to have a full-time Florida licensed Certified Designated Representative, (CDR). A Florida licensed Certified Designated Representative (CDR) must be employed by the Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor at the time of new application and during all operating hours of the facility. The State of Florida itself, administers the official proctored State exam. Our training Course has everything you need to train your staff to pass the official State of Florida exam.

Our fully automated online program simulates the extremely difficult State of Florida Certified Designated Representative (CDR) exam required for Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributors who want to do business with Florida.

Our system provides numerous learning modules with printable and online learning materials to take you step by step through the entire State of Florida, Drug Device and Cosmetic Drug Distribution Regulations. Extensive course material is provided, and students can learn and take the tests at their own pace. Modules are progressive learning tools, we call "module training,” with each containing study materials with KEY AREAS of valuable information and EDITORS NOTES to alert you to areas to stop and review. The KEY AREAS and EDITORS NOTES in these study materials are not available anywhere else other than on our training site.

Once the student has completed each module, they will be tested on the content of that module. A student cannot move on to the next module until they have mastered the one, they are working on. At the end of the final module a timed test that simulates the State of Florida Prescription Drug Wholesaler Certified Designated Representative (CDR) exam must be completed. If the student passes the exam with the required minimum time and score, a passing certificate of achievement for your Wholesale Compliance Department can be printed. A Course Special (reduced fee) is available at the end of Standard Course for students interested in more module tests and another full 40 question final exam.

A specialist at CDR Resource Center will monitor the progress as each student moves through the wholesale automated testing system, offering assistance as needed. The student has access via email to ask any questions they may have during their automated session.

Our Florida training is completely up to date and offers all training State and Federal DSCSA laws and rules required to pass the Florida exam. Take advantage of the only FL CDR training course developed by a Florida licensed pharmacist who is also licensed as a Florida CDR and has worked with the wholesale industry for over 25 years.

The Standard Course materials include:

  • A printable Educational Guide to Florida Laws and Rules (reprint by permission only) - additional bound copies are available for purchase at the online store. (reprint by permission only)
  • 15 online testing modules with additional study materials noting KEY AREAS of importance.
  • Email access to a CDR Resource Center specialist during your live training session.
  • Downloadable sections of the course materials as you progress through the training.
  • One complete 40 question simulated timed State style exam including scoring results.
  • Offers to purchase a SPECIAL Course at a drastically reduced cost upon successful completion of the Standard Course. The SPECIAL OFFER includes 15 more modules of questions and an additional simulated 40 question State style exam.

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Florida Prescription Drug Wholesaler CDR training Course

Contact us for live classroom style training options.

Standard Fee (USD) : $375.00 per student

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CALIFORNIA - Prescription Drug Wholesale Distributor Designated Representatives.

The California Designated Representative Online Training Course is required for Drug or Device Wholesalers doing business in California or shipping drug products into California. California requires drug and device wholesalers to retain on-site, a California-licensed pharmacist or Designated Representative to conduct their business. The pharmacist or Designated Representative must be physically present during all hours of operation.

The California Designated Representative training course for wholesalers is an online self-study class. Successful course completion earns a training affidavit, accepted by the California State Board of Pharmacy. The class is up-to-date, fast, and has helped more than 5,000 of our students.

This California Course is Approved by the California State Board of Pharmacy.

Standard Fee (USD): $525 per student

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