Working with CDRs for over 20 Years!

CDR Resource Services has been involved in training Florida Certified Designated Representatives (CDR’s) for over 20 years. As a result of many years in the industry we have been able to meet and forge relationships with a large number of Florida licensed CDR all over the Country. Your Company can use the relationships we have to find and place the perfect Florida CDR for your Company.

How can we help your Company find a CDR or Designated Rep?

Through our network of contacts, CDR Resource Center can help quickly locate eligible candidates to fill positions at your licensed facility. Our Services include:

  • Job postings, advertisements, email contacts and more
  • Initial screening Interviews
  • Candidate summaries with resume presentation
  • Shared candidate interview, if desired
  • Candidate competency testing, if desired
  • Guidance on general job descriptions
  • Notification to the State of a new CDR placement
  • CDR training, optional (call for rates)

How do we get started with the recruitment process?

Any Company seeking a Florida licensed CDR can email us in confidence and we will respond back with the information we will need to get the campaign started. If privacy is even more important to your Company, you contact us directly at 800-995-0501 and anonymously speak to one of our representatives about your needs and the services we can provide.

Once we have the information we need, our recruiters will get things started immediately. All recruitment is 100% confidential and the Company seeking the Florida CDR will not be revealed to the potential candidate until the Company has made the decision to interview the offered candidates.

There is no charge unless you hire one of our candidates.