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The CDR Resource Center offers specialists in the field of drug regulation and distribution who can guide you through the maze of State of Florida compliance requirements. We provide live one on one consultations and custom seminars (group question and answer sessions).

Orders can be placed and a date and time suggested for a one-on-one consulting session with one of our experts.

FLORIDA ONLY - Questions and Answers (Q&A) Session - Client Driven

Bring your Consultant all your questions regarding Florida issues and they will provide all the answers.  This consult is driven by the Student.  Need help with a specific policy?  Have an issue at work that you have a question about?  Trying to set up your warehouse?  Have a question on an application?  Just took the Official CDR Test and missed by just a few?  There are no limits.  Just ask.  We can help.

USD : 200.00 per hour

FLORIDA ONLY - Quick Law Review Consult

The CDR Consultant will take you through the most important Florida laws and rules to pass the test.  At least 3 hours is needed to allow this consultation to cover the KEY areas.  Make sure and have all the laws and rules in front of you.  The best place to get the laws and rules in in our store.  Purchase the store Laws and Rules Guide and the CDR Team Member and you will be on the same page as the issues are reviewed. 

USD : 200.00 per hour

FLORIDA ONLY - Regulatory Guidance Consult

Does your Company need a Consultant to help guide them through the Florida laws and rules?  We can help with Business Model Development, Policy development and drafting, formatting invoices and business records, responding to inspection resutls, etc.  Make this your own.  Ask us, we can help.  Your guidance is provided by Licensed CDR's that have been in the business for over 20 years. 

USD : 200.00 per hour

FLORIDA ONLY - Train the Trainor

Are you the Florida Compliance Trainor or the FL CDR for your Company?  Do you need ideas or materials to train your Staff?  We can help. 

USD : 200.00 per hour

Customize your own

Just want to talk?  

USD : 200.00 per hour

LIVE Webex training (8 hours minimum) - Classroom Style

Your Consultant hosts an 8 hour live Webex that includes everything you need to know to pass the Florida Certified Designated Representative Official State exam.  This class includes all the course material, a pre-test, a post-test and a Q&A session.  

Does your Company need to train more than one candidate at a time?  Call us for pricing and availablity.

This live course is in high demand so act early to reserve your spot.

USD : 125.00 per hour