CDR Resource Center Compliance Consulting Services

The CDR Resource Center offers State Compliance Consulting in all business development areas from building procurement, building out your facility, security, temperature control, policy development and drafting, staff education, business record development, track and trace implementation, inventory control, auditing, inspections, etc.

CDR Resource Center is not a law firm. We are a group of regulatory consultants who have worked together to create a unique educational resource for Prescription Drug related Companies who want to further train their staff on the intricate requirements that surround wholesale drug distribution and compliance. Our Company is here to support your Company as they implement, grow, and learn. We offer various Compliance Consulting Services to meet your needs.

Compliance Consulting

Is there a State Regulatory question you need answered? Do you need help getting into compliance post inspection? Writing Policies? Answering an inspector’s questions?

CDR Resource Center offers the following Compliance Consults by the hour:

General Business Regulatory Consult (including SOPs)

Does your Company need a Consultant to help guide them through the various regulations that govern Drug Wholesalers, Manufactures, Re-packagers, etc. We can help you with business model development, understanding the relationship between State and Federal laws, business planning, Florida policy (SOP) development and drafting, document reviews, formatting invoices and business records, responding to inspection results, etc. This is your opportunity to design your own business regulatory consult. Your guidance is provided by Licensed CDRs that have been in this business for over 20 years.

USD: $325.00 per hour

Document Review Consult

For those companies who just aren't sure if they are meeting the rigorous demands of the audit trail or business records requirements for prescription drugs, our specialist can assist by working with your IT department, reviewing and commenting on your invoices, packing lists, POs , BOLs, or participating in a question and answer segment that focuses specifically on your audit trail.

Do you know if a State inspector will accept your recordkeeping and deem it compliant with the current laws and rules? With our experience and knowledge, we can effectively point out any deficiencies and assist you in bringing your audit trail into compliance.

USD: $325.00 per hour

Custom Compliance Consult

Does your Company need assistance with something not offered on our website. To request more information on our Custom compliance consultation service, click here and fill out the contact us form. We will respond with a proposal and quote for your requested services.