CDRCC Customized State Licensing Services

Whether your Company is looking for Support or Full-Service State Licensing assistance, we are here to help. CDR Resource Center’s Team can customize State licensing services to meet your needs. Would you like our Team to handle 100% of your State Licensing burden? Do you just want to consult with us from time to time to assure your Team is getting the job done right? Give us a call or send us an email and let us explain how we can help you.

Full-Service State Licensing Services

For those Companies who are looking for more than support services and wish to contract out 100% of their State licensing burden, CDR Resource Center offers Full-Service State Licensing. Full-Service State Licensing will require an initial on boarding process that mirrors our support services, however, once the on boarding is complete, CDR Resource Center will take over. CDR Resource Center team members will complete the applications, send off to the State Boards, answer any State Board questions and ultimately receive the issued permit. The issued permits will be uploaded into the Client Portal for the 24/7 Client access. Renewal email reminders will be generated to Clients and CDR Resource Center will handle it all.

For more information and pricing on Full-Service State Licensing Support fill out our contact form and we will get back with you.

Customized State Licensing Support Services

In addition to online state permit applications support, CDR Resource Center also assists manufactures and wholesale distributors with services that are tailored to the specific needs of the client. We provide the following Customized State Licensing Support Services:

  • Processing permit changes including, changes of ownership, officers, address, CDR, license withdraws, etc.
  • Communication with State Agencies, on behalf of the Client, regarding permitting.
  • Ongoing State Licensing regulatory review to assure compliance.
  • Working with clients to provide affiliate licensing support (vendors and customers).
  • Providing monthly updates of all permits and permit status for Client review.
  • Assistance with other miscellaneous required filings and documents, such as State product registrations.
  • Assistance with other miscellaneous required filings and documents, such as State product registrations, Puerto Rico product registrations, etc.
  • FDA Company listing for Wholesale licensure.
  • And more.

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