Assistant Warehouse Manager - Orlando, FL
Posted on: Jan 10, 2024

*** Position filled and Closed - Congratulations to newly placed CDR!!***

Assistant Warehouse Manager, CDR

One of the largest full-line medical supply distributors in the United States. Working there is your opportunity to shape an industry that’s vital to us all. They provide our employees opportunities for professional growth, advancement, and competitive benefits.

Founded in 1998, they have since risen to become one of the United States’ largest full-line medical supply distributors, offering an ever-broadening assortment of name-brand products and assistive services—while drastically increasing purchasing power. Read More..

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Posted on: Oct 11, 2023

Are you always looking for a better job, better pay, better location?  CDR Resource Center recruits monthly for positions for Florida CDR's all over the country.  Store your resume with us and we will contact you first to notify you of positions when they first are posted.

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Compliance Officer/FL CDR - South Florida - IMMEDIATE OPENING
Posted on: Jul 26, 2023

Position closed

We are recruiting for a HIGH LEVEL position in South Florida as Compliance Officer/Florida CDR.  The ideal candidate will have FDA/DEA/499 and DSCSA experience.  The salary range is in the mid $100's (negotiable) with full benefits.  This is a rare position for the right person at a mid-sized established Drug Wholesaler.  

Duties and responsibilities:

Under the direction of our President, the Compliance Officer will be responsible for developing, implementing, operating and monitoring in accordance with all applicable Federal and state laws, specifically in accordance with DEA, FDA, DSCSA and Florida Chapter 499, rules and regulatory requirements. The Compliance Officer shall function as an independen...