Welcome Our New Team Member - Rachel Ben Zur
Posted on: Feb 08, 2022

Rachel Ben Zur is joining CDR Resource Center with many years of experience in administrative and customer support work.

Prior to joining this team, she served with the local county supervisor of elections and helped prepare and run over 15 different elections. During those years of service she worked in various positions, including management, and learned many useful skills such as customer service, data entry, problem solving, and the importance of team work.
Before serving with the County, she also served in several positions that were primarily focused on teaching customer service and leadership skills.

Rachel looks forward to being able to use her experience to serve alongside the team at CDR Resource Center.

Welcome our New Team Member - Lexi Higgins
Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

Lexi Higgins has worked in a number of customer service roles with a focus on administrative and liaison services for physicians and patients.  Previously Lexi was employed in the medical field as an administrative assistant at a psychiatric clinic. She received on-the-job training in organizational development, client services, patient relations as well as working with health-care providers. Her day-to-day operations consisted of patient scheduling, clerical duties, physician support, and customer service.

Prior to joining the psychiatric clinic, Lexi worked in Customer facing roles that allowed her to develop a strong attention to detail, interpersonal skills, and communication skills.  Lexi is joining CDR Resource Center as an Administrative Support Specialist in a role where she can use both her administrative and customer service skills.

Please help us in welcoming Lexi to our Team.  We are excited to have Lexi on board. 

Meet our new Team Member - Denean Merritts
Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

Denean Merritts, RPh, FL CDR: Regulatory Consultant

Denean Merritts has been a licensed Pharmacist for over 30 years. From 2006-2019, Denean worked with the State of Florida as a Drug Agent under the Florida Department of Health, Division of Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics based in West Palm Beach, FL.  As a Drug Agent, Denean was part of a team of inspectors and investigators who regulated and enforced state and federal laws pertaining to the acquisition, storage, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics.  While working as a Drug Agent, Denean worked closely with other Law Enforcement agencies such as police departments, county health departments, the FBI, DEA, FDA and HHS, along with the Florida State Attorney’s Office.  Denean was called upon to provide ...