Meet our new Team Member - Denean Merritts
Posted on: Mar 02, 2021

Denean Merritts, RPh, FL CDR: Regulatory Consultant

Denean Merritts has been a licensed Pharmacist for over 30 years. From 2006-2019, Denean worked with the State of Florida as a Drug Agent under the Florida Department of Health, Division of Drugs, Devices and Cosmetics based in West Palm Beach, FL.  As a Drug Agent, Denean was part of a team of inspectors and investigators who regulated and enforced state and federal laws pertaining to the acquisition, storage, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics.  While working as a Drug Agent, Denean worked closely with other Law Enforcement agencies such as police departments, county health departments, the FBI, DEA, FDA and HHS, along with the Florida State Attorney’s Office.  Denean was called upon to provide expert testimony in several criminal court cases during her tenure as a Drug Agent.  In her capacity as a State Drug Agent/Inspector, she has learned the details of State Drug Law and also obtained her license as a Florida CDR.

Prior to her work as a Drug Agent/Inspector, Denean received her Pharmacy degree in 1987 from Duquesne University. Denean worked as a Staff Pharmacist and a Pharmacy Manager at numerous Walgreens pharmacies in Palm Beach County and Broward County, FL for over 19 years. During her time with Walgreens, Denean was selected as the Walgreens Pre-Scribe Representative for the South Florida region. In this role, she was personally responsible for installing and integrating the Walgreens Pre-Scribe electronic prescribing system in hundreds of physician offices throughout South Florida. Denean’s success with the Pre-Scribe system was critical for establishing first-ever electronic prescription transmissions between medical establishments and Walgreens pharmacies in the state of Florida.

Please join us in welcoming Denean to our Team. She will bring a great amount of experience and knowledge to our Company and we look forward to sharing her skills.