LIVE Webex - Florida CDR Training Course (Classroom style)

For Students who are looking for live classroom style training services, CDR Resource Center offers Live Webex sessions with a trainer that will review all the Florida and Federal laws and rules necessary to pass the Official Florida State Certified Designated Representative Exam. Our trainers will also administer and review practice test questions, and answer all your concerns about the Official State exam.

The Live Florida Certified Designated Representative Web-ex training is conducted on a webex platform that is compatible with most computer systems that have a camera, speaker and microphone. The trainer will begin the session by assessing your basic understanding of the regulations, administering a pre-test, conducting 8 hours of live training and completing the session with a post test and Q&A session.

LIVE Webex training (8 hours minimum) - Classroom Style

Your Trainer hosts an 8 hour live Webex that includes everything you need to know to pass the Florida Certified Designated Representative Official State exam. This class includes the following:

  • 8 hours of live lecture,
  • Bound Laws and rules manual. This manual will be mailed to all students prior to the training day. This manual can be used at the wholesaler location as the materials required by the State of Florida during an inspection,
  • A pre-test,
  • A post-test,
  • A Q&A session; and
  • Access via email to the trainer until the official test date.

Does your Company need to train more than one candidate at a time? Interested in splitting the class into 2 days (4 hours each). Call us for pricing and availability.

This live course is in high demand so act early to reserve your spot.

USD: $125.00 per hour (total $1000.00 per student)