State Licensing Support Consulting Services

The CDR Resource Center (CDRRC) based in Florida offers specialists in the field of drug regulation and wholesale distribution who can guide you through the maze of State compliance requirements. Our knowledgeable staff are skilled and ready to assist you in creating and maintaining a safe, efficient, and compliant drug distribution system.

Have you already applied for a permit and are now confused as to how to answer the State questions regarding your application? Not sure how to proceed? Let us assist your Company in getting that application complete. Orders can be placed and a date and time suggested for a live Web-ex, one-on-one, consulting session with one of our specialists.

State Licensing Support Consults

CDR Resource Center offers the following State Licensing Support Consults by the hour:

State Licensing Support - General Guidance Consult

Does your company have questions about State licensing requirements for your business model...?

  • Is your Company a Wholesaler or Manufacturer under various State laws?
  • Can you operate in both?
  • What if you sell a part of your business?
  • Do you need controlled substances permits?
  • Can you use a Third Party Logistics Provider (3PL)? Does this affect your state permits?
  • Do you need a CDR?

We can help provide answers to your various questions. This will allow your Company to purchase the correct licensing support services from our self-service website. Save time and money by getting the correct permit the first time.

USD: $325.00 per hour

Application Assistance Consult

Is your company regulated by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR)? Have you already applied to the State and now are confused about the questions the State is asking you? Are you thinking about opening a business, expanding your business or just moving to a new location? We can provide special assistance with your application process. Let us assist you in completing your application and/or reviewing your application to assure quick and proper processing. Don't let your application sit around while everyone tries to figure out what needs to be done or who needs to do it. We know that process and can get the job done quickly and correctly just as we have done for 100’s of clients.

USD: $325.00 per hour